Ader Recinos



Country: Guatemala

Farmer: Ader Recinos

Region: La Libertad, Huehuetenango

Varietals: Borbón, Caturra

Elevation: 1900 m


Tasting Notes: apricot, cream, marzipan

This is our 7th year buying from Ader and family, whose farm is atop a beautiful mountain ridge overlooking a valley near the border with Chiapas. A rebound year from last season's low harvest numbers, Ader's coffee is also showing better than last year when bad weather complicated the drying process. As you may remember, we buy from Ader's neighbor, Jesús Constanza.  Their farms sit about 300 meters above the better known Finca La Bolsa which put La Libertad on the specialty coffee map.
We buy from 3 distinct growing regions in Guatemala with very different microclimates. Huehuetenango is known for it's high elevation, delicate acidity, subtle florals and citrus.
This year's harvest from Ader is gorgeous.