The Perez Family

November 02, 2020

The Perez Family


The Perez family is well know in the Guatemalan coffee community. They are a 5th generation of coffee producers. Over the years they have been able to set high standards and set examples not only for the people they work with and the coffee they produce but also for their fellow Guatemalan Coffee producers.  

Henio and his two sons, Raul and Jose were born into coffee and all three inherited passion for coffee as well as respect for their ancestors. They are proud to produce coffee and they never stop investing and developing their coffee knowledge and production. They aim to always enhance and upgrade their coffee production practices to produce and deliver the highest quality product. 

Their project El Llano is a brand new addition to their initial coffee farm La Soledad yet with a long history and connection to the Perez family. In 1960 Henio’s father purchased a beautiful 10 hectare piece of land as a security for his wife Soledad. He wanted to make sure that she will always have her own space that she can call home. After his death the El Llano farm management was inherited by Henio and eventually he bought out the whole property from his two older brothers. 

The farm has always been planted with coffee and nowadays it is planted with bourbon, yellow catuai and caturra as well as new plantings of geisha and hybrids like H1 or ANACAFE 14 that we are really excited for.  It overlooks and it’s surrounded by two volcanos Acatenango and very active El Fuego that will say hi from time to time.