o   Aeropress

o   Filters

o   Burr Grinder

o   Scale

o   Kettle

o   Timer

o   Filtered water

o   Something to stir

o   Decanter

o   BxA Coffee



We’ll just be honest here and say we stole this method from the Coffee Collective in Copenhagen.


The Aeropress is one of our favorites for not only the lightly textured and highly nuanced coffee it brews, but also it’s durability and portability. Around the roasterie or in the backcountry, the Aeropress is right at home.


We use 16 grams of coffee and 170 grams of water; you can adjust that using a simple 11:1 (water:coffee) ratio.



  • ONE -Fill your kettle with more water then you’ll need for brewing, you will use the additional water to rise the paper
  • TWO – While the water is heating up, weigh out and grind your coffee. For this method grind a little coarser, close to the consistency of sea salt. If you are using a Baratza Encore start at number 20.
  • THREE – This method uses the Aeropress inverted; put the rubber plunger below the 4 mark and stand it upside down on your scale
  • FOUR – Once the water has boiled place the filter in the cap and rinse it, this will remove any papery taste. Also you the extra water to heat up the Aeropress and server. Just remember to discard the water before brewing.
  • FIVE – Add the ground coffee to the inverted Aeropress. You can use the Aeropress funnel for this.
  • SIX - Pour a small amount go water gently in the coffee bed’s center, aim to pour a little more than twice the amount of water than you have coffee. This allows the coffee to de-gas or “bloom”. We like a shorter bloom for this method, 20 seconds or so. (If needed mildly agitate the grounds with a spoon to insure full coverage).
  • SEVEN – After allowing the grounds to saturate, return to pouring. You’ll be pouring quickly, aiming to reach your end brew weight by the 45 second mark. Once you’ve finished pouring, stir the slurry.
  • EIGHT – Allow the coffee too steep until the 2:00 mark then give it another couple good stirs and screw the cap on. \
  • NINE – Gently flip the Aeropress on your server, slowly and evenly push down the plunger. This should take about 20-30 seconds your brew finishing around the 2:30 mark.