Luis Joaquín Lovo

November 25, 2020

Luis Joaquin, Joaquin Augusto and David Ariél Lovo

Image: Luis Joaquin, Joaquin Augusto & David Ariél Lovo.
Credit: Atlas Coffee Importers.

Finca La Pradera & Bella Aurora, Nicaragua

Thank you very much for the opportunity to reach out to your customers directly and let them know my story. It has been a pleasure for me to have a long lasting relationship with your company and that goes beyond roasting. Definitely, this motivates me to do my best effort to continue offering you my quality coffee. Quality that I take care with a lot of enthusiasm, hard work, handling the different challenges and a lot of love. 

This is my short coffee story :

I am the third generation in coffee production. I have been given the legacy to continue with passion the deeply rooted family tradition of coffee farming applying environmental sustainability.

Our maternal grandfather, Dr. Emilio Gutiérrez, was the first generation. He started the Coffee plantation in 1945, he was one of the pioneers of the coffee business in Dipilto, and he started his own dry mill around 1952 to 1954 with the name Beneficio Santa Lucía. Nowadays, I manage  Santa Lucía Mill, using the same mill he brought from London, and by mule from the port to Ocotal. The dry mill process allows  me to take care of the quality of the coffee bean.

The second generation is my father Joaquín Augusto Lovo. He bought the farm Bella Aurora in 1956 and started planting coffee in 1957 in adverse road conditions to the point where he had to finish the final two miles of commute to the farm by riding horses, and he carried down the harvest using mules. In 1978, he started expanding by buying another farm,  La Pradera, but due to the intensified civil war during the 80's he faced tremendous difficulties, and that drastically reduced productivity in both farms.

The third generations are my self Luis Joaquín Lovo and my brother David A. Lovo. We were raised knowing about coffee plantation. I still remembered when I was a kid to walk to the farm up hill and through a swamp road with a beautiful landscape. During that time there was no road for vehicle. The only way to get to the farm was walking or by horse.

In 1991 after the war was over, our father, who is still alive 98 years old, passed the farms'  ownership to my brother farm La Pradera and to me   farm Bella Aurora. Since then, our commitment to coffee farming inherited from our father started with great effort and passion. Year by year, we have been improving the quality in the cup and heavily investing  in the coffee plantations, and their infrastructure with a strong commitment on environmental sustainability. As a result, we have been in the specialty coffee market for over ten years exporting to USA, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom. Also we have being participating in COE (The Cup of Excellent) ending several times among the winning farms. 

Nice to be in contact with you. Best regards,

Luis Joaquín Lovo G.