Imelda Villalobos



Country: Peru

Farmer: Imelda Villalobos

Mill: Origin Coffee Lab

Region: Colasay, Jaén 

Varietals: Borbón

Elevation: 1800 m

Tasting Notes: pastry cream, baked apple, pistachio

Imelda is the spouse and farm partner of Yonal Fernandez, whose coffee we have featured for a few years. Their shared farm is in a picturesque valley adjacent to Yonal's aunt Esther's, whose coffee we will have again this year. They grow 100% bourbon variety. This year's cups are subtle/understated/elegant/complex and very good. Producers routinely submitting clean processed 86 point coffees are a success story and should be celebrated even when the herd gets fixated on flashier, more fashionable processing stunts.