Nancy Palli



Country: Bolivia

Farmer: Nancy Palli

Mill: AGRICAFE, Caranavi (wet) & La Paz (dry)

Region: Copacabana, Caranavi

Varietals: Caturra

Elevation: 1650 m

Process: washed

Tasting Notes: plum, vanilla, oat cookie

Nancy Palli and her husband Silverio farm a hilly section adjacent to her father Gregorio's farm in the cantonment of Copacabana, 30 mins from Caranavi. They are members of AGRICAFE's Sol de la Mañana program assisting small producers gain microfinancing, agronomic support,  technical skills and market access. We've been buying Gregorio's coffee for a few years and as this is the first significant maturation of the trees on Nancy's farm we've picked up two lots to show how good the coffees in this small cantonment are.