Alex Reynoso Espresso


Single Origin Espresso

Country: Guatemala

Farmer:Alex Reynoso

Mill / Washing Station:  Palo de Quina!

Region:  Sansupo, Mataquescuintla

Varietal:  Pache San Ramón

Elevation:  1700 m

Tasting Notes: cacao nibs, dried cherry. graham cracker


Alex Reynoso's farm at Palo de Quina, Sansupo,  produces the first coffee we brought in from the  Mataquescuintla and we will buy all his coffee until Bows is no more. Stalwart, dedicated member of the resistance to the mine at Escobal he is both a friend and inspiration. His full bio is listed in our producers' section. Both he and spouse, Irma, pulped, washed and dried their coffees at the farm again this year using covered, raised beds. This is a basic, chocolatey, sweet espresso. Crowd pleaser.

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