Irma Pacheco



Country: Guatemala

Farmer: Irma Pacheco

Mill: Home Sweet Home

Region: Sansupo, Mataquescuintla

Varietal: Pache San Ramón

Elevation: 1700 m

Process: washed

Tasting Notes: maraschino, kouign amann, bourbon


Irma Pacheco Reyes tends a small farm she inherited from her father, just a short drive from her family's residence at Finca Palo de Quina. She is a busy woman - mother to four boys, a driving spirit and memberof the resistance to the mine at Escobal and proudly Xinka (Her full bio is in our website's  Producers section). This year's coffee, is a mix of washed and honey processed lots, very fruit forward but thankfully not heavy with excessive fermentation. Boozy like a bourbon sour, dried cherry and lemons, with sweet pastry finish. It's decadent, but the balance is upheld by the mix of honey and washed processing.