Country: Rwanda

Farmer: Smallholders

Mill: Humure

Region: Gatsibo District

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Elevation: 1600 - 1800 m

Process: washed

Tasting Notes: wine gums, toffee, sugarcane

21 small farms in the Kigarama community contribute to this lot, collected and processed at the Humure washing station, hence the name. This is our first purchase of Rwandan coffee in almost 10yrs and fittingly it's being facilitated through our relationship with Semilla Coffee, who we've admired for some time.  This is also a  Baho Coffee, enabled by Semilla's relationship with Emmanuel Rusatira who operates Humure and several other washing stations throughout Rwanda. Rwandan coffees are elegant and understated, if that's possible... pretty word pairing, if anything. Good structure, clean cups, sugarcane and wine gums with Toffee like body