Carlos Ramos Parainema




Country: Honduras

Farmer: Carlos Ramos

Region: El Cielito, Santa Bárbara

Mill/Washing Station: Beneficio San Vicente

Varietals: Parainema

Elevation: 1650 m

Tasting Notes: mango verde, tamarind, chicory

Parainema is a hybrid created in Honduras to be leaf rust resistant and effective against invasive nemotodes when coffee is planted in close proximity to banana plants/trees. It's cup quality often improves when the plant is under stress from drought - hello future, hello now.  It's a fairly polarizing variety on the cupping table, with many admirers and several detractors. But we wouldn't offer Carlos's parainema lot if we didn't like it. Parainema is known for herbaceousness and acidity. This one is sugarcane-ish, mango verde,  malic acidity and tamarind but also has cereal notes - rye berries, chicory. It can be a lil stinky (vegetal) on the nose initially but dissipates quickly and turns citric and bright in the cup. It's not fashionable to champion varieties that seldom win at auction but rather are introduced under the duress of threatened harvest volume.   We're encouraging you to get used to the varieties that small producers in Honduras and throughout the coffeelands are turning to to salvage their livelihood.